Here is How to Finally Start Getting ALL the Customers You want for Darn Near FREE, FOR LIFE!!

"An Instant Lead Generating, Cash-Producing System that is The Best Solution for ANY Local Sales, Contractor or Service Type of Business and is Practically FREE To Use"

If You Are a Professional Salesman, House Painter, Carpenter, Window Washer, Landscaper, Dog Groomer, Run a Maid Service, etc... "Unlimited Leads Forever" is for You!

Here is How to Finally Start Getting ALL the RED-HOT Local Cash Buyer Leads and Customers You want for Darn Near FREE FOR LIFE!!

If You Want Unlimited, Responsive Leads For Your Sales, Contractor or Service Business You Got to RUN TO WHERE THE FIRE IS!

Here is The PROVEN SOLUTION That Works Great for Getting all the Residential and Commercial Sales You Can Handle to Make Continuous Profits All Year Long!

“Unlimited Leads Forever” Will Not Only Keep YOU in Profits All Year Long, It Will Keep Your Products Flowing or Crews Busy As Well!!

Dear fellow service business owner,

If you looking for an easier and less-expensive way to get all the customers you need for your local business then look no further because here is the solution for increasing sales.

  • Are you finding that the Yellow Pages are Too Expensive and Too Slow to Get Any Results From and Being Used Less and Less by the General Public?
  • Are Lead Companies Way Too Expensive and Don’t Deliver the Results They Promised?
  • Are You Finding Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Be Expensive and Restrictive to Use?
  • Are You Tired of Doing SEO and Finding it to be a lot of Extra Work to Keep Your Site Visible?

Why am I asking you all this? Simply because I don’t use these methods to get business other than having my own website. I never had to anyway. You see, I don’t wait for prospects to come to me. I go directly to them.

Here is how to get all the leads, customers, referrals and call-backs you can handle – Guaranteed! I call my marketing methods “Unlimited Leads Forever” because your need for expensive, unresponsive advertising or lack of business will be over forever (unless of course our beloved government plants more red-tape restrictions in our paths to hinder the economy that is).

And Don’t Let The Negative News Media Try To Fool You About “How Bad The Economy Is”. More Millionaires Were Made During The Great Depression and Are Being Made During This Recession Than At Any Other Times In History.

The truth is that most people spend too much time perfecting everything in their business and ignore the most important part — Getting Customers. If you need QUALIFIED LEADS for your business, then the “Unlimited Leads Forever” techniques will work for you like a perfect marriage of football and hot wings.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lee Cusano and I started my own painting business back in the early 1990′s and have always used local marketing tactics that have gotten me faster, instant, low-cost and no-cost cash paying customers anytime I needed them throughout my years as a professional painter.

In 2004 I tweaked this system to be super user-friendly. And it has worked so good that I have stayed busy for as long as a couple of years at a time before needing to acquire new customers again.

These techniques came partly through association with various entrepreneurial type sales people over the years way before I started my own local painting service.

These methods have always worked well for me and they can be yours immediately for a small, one-time investment into your business of only $49.95! No more expensive newspaper, Yellow Pages or SEO tactics needed.

Here’s Everything You Get With
“Unlimited Leads Forever”

  • My time-proven advertising secrets. These get people calling you and in some instances giving you instant cash down-payments the very same day you do the estimate (usually because you may be starting the job the very next day).
  • My super, low-cost, effective sales and marketing formula for getting all the customers you need for ANY type of local sales, contractor or service type business.
  • Proven, time-tested, ready-to-use, lead-generating advertising materials that will work for ANY local service business. All you need to do is change a few details and they are ready to make money with.
  • How To get people to WANT to go to your website when going there is SUPER IMPORTANT for getting immediate sales.
  • How to instantly build your own local mailing lists that you can use and mail to over and over again.

BONUS 1: A Special FREE Surprise for FREE Online Advertising Success!!

BONUS 2: FREE Ready-To-Use Estimating and Contract Forms for service companies!!

Only $77 $49.95!!

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